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Salient Features :

Heavy duty, sturdy main body, fabricated under controlled welding process and stress relieved.
Shafts, gears, sprockets, etc. are made from High Carbon Steel.
Entre sealing rollers, sealing crimping jaws are Hardened and Ground.
Stainless Steel parts are made from heavy gauge, food grade stainless steel.
Cutting knives are made from High Speed Tool Steel.
Motor and Gear Boxes are of Crompton or equivalent make.
Electrical switchgear is of Siemens, L&T or equivalent make.
Alternative Current drives, of LG or equivalent make, provide a smooth transition of speed.
The machines are manufactured as per ISO 9002 standards.
Folding box is made from Heavy Gauge Aluminium which can accommodate a wide range of paper width.


Vibratory Chutes for better performance.
In Line Printing Device for Printing Price / Batch No. & Date.
Remote Controlled stepless Variable DC / AC Drive main drive.
Pilot Motor Drive System for adjustment of paper lengths for various products in manual / Remote controlled type.
Complete coputerised control system for pre-adjustemnt of wrapper lengths for different products.

Model: BEEP - HP - 200 (HOLLER)

This model is popularly known as "Hotel Pack" and is designed for prepacked plain & cream biscuits as well as naked biscuits standing on edge in stacks of 2,4 & 5.

Capacity: For prepacked stack length up to 200mm.Output:   Upto 200 pkts / min

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Model: BEEP - SP - II - 100 (DUPER)

This model is suitable for naked on edge biscuits. Feeding is done manually in specially designed double axial chutes to give high output.

Capacity: Maximum stack length 200 mm.Output:   Upto 150 pkts / min.

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Model: BEEP - SP - I - 100 (SUPER)

This model is similar to model BEEP-SP-II-100 but has only single feeding chute.

Capacity: Maximum stack length 200 mm.Output:   Upto 100 pkts / min.

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Machine Data


In Line Flow Wrapping Process:

The Product to be wrapped is fed  to the main feed conveyor and carried by lugs through the folding box. The packaging material is pulled from the wrapper reel above and is fed to the folding box.The folding box wraps the packaging material around the product. Central sealing is done by three pairs of rotating rollers out of which first pair works as a propeller & following two pairs are provided with heaters for central sealing. The pair of rotating jaws at the end performs end sealing & cutting operation. The product thus packed is finally carried by end conveyor.

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Details Of Construction

The machine is designed to give optimum output with minimum possible man power and has very low power consumption. All surfaces with which products come in contact with are made of Stainless Steel. Biscuits are stacked "on edge" condition in feeding chutes and are carried in précised stack lengths into main conveyor. The product is then conveyed with the help of specially designed lugs made of virgin nylon to three pairs of rollers made of high grade carbon steel toughened and ground; for long sealing.

All bearings are double seal type for maintenance free long life operation. All heaters are of low voltage for longer service and personal safety.

Tension of wrapping material is regulated and maintained consistently from beginning  to end reel.

Inline print registration device automatically adjusts the precise packet length leading to almost 0% wrapper wastage. Final sealing is done by duplex cutting knives made of high speed steel

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Normal sealing material is 40 micron polyester poly/foil pearlised B.O.P.P. Heat sealable and aluminum foil, paper poly and other similar compo-site materials with inner heat sealable layer.The main body, as per the latest trend, is sleek yet quite robust occupying minimum floor space. All moving parts are totally enclosed for safety, hygiene as well as ease of operation. All the electric and electronic items are of proven quality to function accurately and give trouble free service for a long time. Main control panel is designed for optimum functioning, ease of operation and maintenance. Complete writing is done as per international code with all the essential safety devices in-corporated

Clients (Partial List)

Ajanta Biscuits Pvt Ltd Modha Road, Aurangabad
Aziz Brothers Chittagong, Bangladesh
Devadkar Bakery Nagpur, Maharashtra
Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd Mumbai, Maharashtra
Sumo Foods Pvt Ltd Azamabad, Hyderabad
Silver Footwears Chandigarh, Punjab
Bengal Foods Dhaka, Bangladesh
Britannia Products Ltd Kampala, Uganda
Hussaini Coldrink House Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
International Food Stufff Co Sharjah, UAE
Lucky Land Biscuits Kundasale, Sri Lanka


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